Young Artist Spotlight – Xia Tian (6 years old)

Xia Tian

 Young artist (6 years old)

At just 6 years old, Xia Tian is already an accomplished artist.  

Her vivid, colorful, joyful paintings perfectly exemplify the kind of visual storytelling that KAREKOO aims to share with the world.

Through her artwork, Xia demonstrates her love of life and nature.  Her signature painting “Winnie’s Summer”, which is featured on one of KAREKOO’s limited-edition phone cases, depicts a friendly relationship between a young girl named Summer and Winnie, a baby elephant she encounters in the wild.  

Winnie’s summer

The painting beautifully captures Summer as she climbs a ladder to remove mud spots from Winnie’s skin.  In return, Winnie smiles and sprays Summer with water to show gratitude.

“Winnie’s Summer” is remarkable for its embrace of nature and its message of care and compassion for animal life.  Xia’s vision for the painting was likely inspired by her love of the outdoors.  When she isn’t painting, she’s engaged in her other great love – sports.

Every weekend, she goes mountain climbing with her father, and they often compete against each other.  Xia takes the crown every time.  And once they return home, she uses all the scenes from her natural surroundings to inspire her paintings.

In Xia’s work, we see a moving display of love and consideration for the environment, and we know this is just the beginning for her incredible artistry.


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