Funding Transparency

At KAREKOO, we are proud to offer complete transparency in our donations, including how the funds are distributed, and the organizations we support via sales of our products. The organizations we choose to support are carefully selected by our team to align with our mission and goals of creating a brighter future for the children of our world, who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

Our funds are announced on a quarterly basis, and if you have specific donation questions at any time, please submit the form on our Donation Priorities page. A member of the KAREKOO team will be happy to assist in addressing your inquiries.

All of our sponsorships will be listed on this page, offering full visibility to our supporters and donor organizations. Please check back regularly, as we will continuously update our page with the most current sponsorship and donor information.


Confirmed KAREKOO sponsorships

PeaceArt International Youth Art Competition, a UNESCO-authorized event

Confirmed KAREKOO donor organizations

Children’s Art Festival Fund of Arts Festival Foundation

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time!