KAREKOO makes it our mission to provide brighter futures to children throughout the world while also spreading love and appreciation for art through our high-quality, limited-edition phone cases. 

By creating functional pieces of mobile art, KAREKOO is able to spread our mission of art appreciation while also giving back to our community through worthy NGOs and charitable organizations on a global scale.  

At its core, KAREKOO is on a mission to make the world a better place for children to play, learn, grow, and thrive – and through our charitable giving and commitment to spreading the joy of artistic expression, we believe we are doing just that.

The Shenzhen Children’s Painting Prize (SZCPP)


One of the single most respected children’s art competition throughout the world, the Shenzhen Children’s Painting Prize (SZCPP) invites young artists throughout Shenzhen, Canada, Australia, and other parts of the world to share their artistic endeavors with a global audience for their chance to win spectacular prizes and recognition.  

SZCPP is a competition that not only encourages and supports young artists by giving them an opportunity to share their talents with numerous art lovers, but it is also a cultural celebration where children are invited to participate in an exchange of thoughts, beliefs, backgrounds, and culture through the mystery and majesty of art.  While the children might not speak the same language, they communicate through the power of paintbrushes, pencils, crayons, and paper.


Recognizing our aligned values, goals, passions, and mission – KAREKOO has partnered with SZCPP to create a charitable opportunity, unlike anything that has ever been done before. Through this tremendous collaboration, KAREKOO and SZCPP have the unique opportunity to expand art appreciation for both children and adults throughout the world by creating high-quality, visually stunning mobile phone cases featuring the artwork of SZCPP competitors.

While it is true that the goal is to encourage average, every day, ordinary people throughout the world to explore the charm, magic, and joy of art through the lens of a physical object they are already perfectly accustomed to – the truth is, the mission goes far beyond art appreciation.  

Through the KAREKOO x SZCPP collaboration, we hope to share the experiences and tell the stories of countless children throughout the world.  

Children who enter the SZCPP competition come from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, and socio-economic statuses – and through their art, these children are able to share their experiences in a way that is universally understood.  

Each design featured on a KAREKOO x SZCPP phone case has been fully authorized by both SZCPP, as well as the tiny artists themselves.  Each case comes complete with a brief interview with the children behind the paintings, offering a unique glimpse into the story behind the piece.  As with all KAREKOO products, 100% of the profits of each case will go directly to NGOs and charities dedicated to serving others, eradicating poverty, and building a better, brighter future for generations to come.

Little Squirrel Author

A little squirrel with wired painting on its fur is looking for food in the forest, what did it get so far?

Li yichen

The little girl climbed up the ladder to bathe the baby elephant. Why did Winnie spray so much ❤️💕💞?



Functional Pieces of Magnificent Art

KAREKOO makes art fun, functional, and accessible by creating beautiful, limited-edition phone cases featuring original art.  

It is through our partnership with SZCPP that we are able to help reduce world suffering, poverty, and despair, all while celebrating the artistic endeavors of our most innocent citizens:  Our children.


The KAREKOO x SZCPP Subway Exhibition