KAREKOO x SZCPP Subway Exhibition

With thousands and thousands of entrants each year, the Shenzhen Children’s Painting Prize offers a wide assortment of artistic talents, perspectives, and approaches from young artists throughout the world.

In order to promote the competition, as well as help, spread the unmitigated joy and wonder held within the artistic expression of children to the general public, SZCPP created the Subway Exhibition – an open gallery held within the subway stations throughout Shenzhen.


By featuring the exquisite artistic talents of over 500 children throughout the Shenzhen subway system, including the trains, SZCPP was able to encourage others to explore the joy of art through the eyes of a child.

Vibrant, bold, and brilliant, the pieces displayed during the KAREKOO x SZCPP Subway Exhibition feature the work of children as young as three years old.


Poignant, powerful, and thought-provoking, the pieces on display challenged the viewer to experience the world through the eyes of the children living in it today. The pictures delivered a rare glimpse into the perspective of these talented children and their understanding of the world today.

Culturally relevant and emotionally evocative, the SZCPP Subway Exhibition helped these hundreds of children explore this beautiful world they are growing up in, while also doing their part to make art and artistic expression more accessible to the adults who have perhaps lost touch with their sense of wonder.